Wednesday, July 19, 2006


'An old buddy of mine that I haven't seen in a while. '

Before my hunt for the Batman. I decided the first installment to my force would be a scientist who has brain as well as strength and battle skills. The last place he was reported to have been is at the ruins of Genosha. So I travel there. Immediately aware my presence has been dedected I ignite my palm with energetic fire green of color.
"Mr. Sinister." a shadow spoke out to me. " What ever brings you to Genosha?"

"You do, my dark friend. I am of need of
a mutant of your skill, you're an accomplished genetic Therapist and skilled warrior, are you interested in fronting my armada?"

again from the shadows.
"Genetic Therapist' I like that, your offer sounds quite intriguing, but tell me, whats in it for me?"

"Why, but only the chance to experiment with those we capture."

"Very well Mr. Sinister,

you've got yourself a front man!

These are the science logs of Sinister.


Blogger Vampirella said...

hmmm genetists huh learn fro jarasic park (sp?)

1:04 AM  

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