Saturday, August 19, 2006


Two weeks ago I was taken prisoner by the mutant entity Khaos, Khaos offered me position as Head scientist, and said the my survival and resilience from his destroying my island base, proved me strong enough for a second chance.
He strength is far beyond what I've expected. I quickly realized if I am to survive a world ran by him,,, err,,, them, I would have to follow Khaos' orders.
That brings me up to date, my latest project is interesting. I'm in my lab and Khaos' general, Demon walks in with bout five guards carrying a mutant I am unfamiliar with. He wears however, a buckle with a X insignia, he's A X-man, oh joy of joys!
His intestine is falling from his stomach however, and looks as if dead, bleeding all over my floor, .

I run a quick and simplistic diagnosis finding that he should have a healing factor. It should kick in once his intestine have been returned to their rightful place. I put him in a submertion tank after rapping his guts back into his abdominal aponeurosis and bandaging around his waist. As I'm running my tests Khaos began talking to me in my mine.

" How fares Kodiak, Sinister?"
He is well, Lord Khaos, however there is something interesting You should see.
" He heals and becomes immune to other mutants."
How did you know that you've read his mind already? I ask.
" No, Sinister. I read YOURS . I will bless you with my presence shortly."
Yes my Lord. I reply. *I must be mindful of my thoughts and obey him.

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Soon Khaos enters into my lab, he isn't wearing his pisonic armor that is melded with a special metal that prohibits mental telepathy, Designed of course by Charles Xaiver and Magneto. With in these walls of this fortress he is protected from the outside world, most of all professor X and cerebro.
As he comes in I notice he is effortlessly carrying a tank weighing a couple tons, telekinetically. He places it next to to submertion tank. He then turns with out saying a word and leaves. However interestingly enough, he '*downloaded' if you will* all the information and plans I needed to know telepathically into my mind. *It spooks even I when he does that.*
I look to the tank, This is marvelous, The mutant cure all I'll ever need!! I shall begin with Kodiak as soon as he is finished healing!!!!


Blogger Deadpool said...

Hold up, I thought you were obssessed with the Summers clan, not this Kodiak dude.

2:23 PM  
Blogger polar said...

lol wait till kodiak wakes up. i would love to see this.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Deadpool said...

Also I tagged you hahah!

2:37 PM  
Blogger Vampirella said...

oohhhh I am shaking

7:03 AM  

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