Tuesday, August 22, 2006


As I inject a continuous feed of the mutant cure into Subject: Kodiaks I. V. I continue analyses on his DNA structure. Realizing immediately that the mutant cure is derived from a mutant, I know it has to be a constant and steady stream into his veins, or the odds of him adapting are to high, however the odds of the the mutant genetic cure canceling out his mutant immunity is also a possibility, I can't take the chance. Khaos wants the ability to roam this mutants mind freely, if he could turn Kodiak, and make him fight for his cause, the strength and intelligence would be a top ranking asset to Khaos' impending war.

I am safe to write out my thoughts and be less mindful of hiding my plans, for Khaos' is currently scouting the 'Earth 'Zeta' dimension. My time under Apocalypse and the improvements he once gave to me, developed an ability to render myself into a state of what I call conscious unconsciousness, meaning I'm able to blank my mind of thoughts and plans I have. This is part of my genius, I naturally do this when working, allowing me to focus and only bring to the surface what I need. Xavier has been unable to read my mind at times. I was sloppy and Khaos succeeded in raping thoughts from my mind before, this will not acure again for I am Sinister. McCoy and my Stryfe clone are still at my base, assuming McCoy is still alive. Even though the whole Khaos 'cause' tickles my fancy, the whole 'he will become a god' thing don't quite suit me. Demon, has come to follow as a puppet, also has so many others. Khaos' gathering and muraling skills definitely resemble Eriks*...

Wait a minute, this is interesting, the subject Kodiak's D.n.a. resembles,,, Wolverines?
How could this b,,.... Wait a minute,....... Incredible, what a discovery this is!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Perhaps they just have the same DNA because they use the same shower.

4:35 PM  
Blogger KODIAK THE UNCANNY said...

ewwwww, no.net nine notta. I dont use logans shower. And showers wash stuff off, not on, still completly grossed out here.

11:31 AM  
Blogger polar said...

interesting, logan and kody same blood?

12:07 PM  

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