Sunday, September 10, 2006


The strangest thing happened a week ago, Khaos entered my lab. But, it seemed to be only Stryfe. I felt it as he entered. Then almost to make certain my asumtion, he spoke, with his lips. This is something as Khaos he just don't do, Khaos speaks with telepathy!
" I am traveling to Earth Zeta, Sinister. You, are in charge of things here."

This is bizarre, Khaos don't trust me enough to leave me in charge. As Stryfe lifts his hand and opens a portal I wonder what is up Khaos' sleeve's. I am almost certain the entity that creates one half of Khaos, did not go with Stryfe!! What is he planning!!!???


Blogger Cyclops said...

I'm guessing whatever it is, can't be good. Then again, as long as he does it to you, I have no problem with it.

5:48 PM  
Blogger polar said...

huh what's he planning

5:57 PM  

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